Capture The Artifact

Bonus Points Awarded

  • Between events, no punching or killing other players.
  • Setup for a 5 minute event should not last 30 minutes.
  • Instructions will be given, then you will have a set number of minutes to get ready.
  • If you are ready within that time limit, you get bonus points. And if you are not, you may not be able to participate in that event.
  • Once the timer goes off, we may start the event immediately, ready or not.
  • 100 Bonus Points will be awarded per event if you are ready.
  • Mindwipe to max level 30.
  • Everyone join Arkiteks tribe to have access to artifacts.
  • Wear hats/skins from Vault to identify your team.
  • Players have Berzerker Axes and an artifact on a pedestal and an empty pedestal.
  • Capture the other team's artifact and put it on your pedestal.
  • Protect your own artifact.
  • First team with both artifacts wins. If not applicable...
  • Team with only one artifact wins. If not applicable...
  • Team with most kills/least deaths wins.
  • Place bags or respawn to Highlander.
  • Start Scorer Log...
  • 4 minute timer.