Shop Systems

In-Game Points Shop - No Real Money!

1. Earn Points In-Game and spend at our Points Shop.
2. Points are Earned by time spent online and killing dinos.
3. /buy on any map on the cluster. /points to see how many. /trade <'CharacterName'> <Amount> - to share!

Exclusive Shop for Event Participants - No Real Money!

Pick up rewards at our Rewards Shop.
1. See our Event Page for some of our events. As participants, you earn points to spend on our Reward Gifts.
2. At the end of each event, your points will be tallied and rewarded to your account on Reward Island.
3. Points are calculated using our Prize Cart.
4. See below instructions for how to travel to Reward Island.

Exclusive Shop for Donators - Help Support Our Servers!

Pick up rewards at our Rewards Shop.
1. From your home map, cluster travel via obelisk or tek transmitter to the Reward Island. (Don't log in directly, unless stuck there.)
2. Make your Paypal donation via Tebex. (You will be asked to login to your Steam account so that your Ark character will receive the points.)
3. Points will automatically be credited on Reward Island after purchase. (1-5 minutes approx.)

Pick-up on Reward Island

1. Using the Cluster, travel to Reward Island. Do not log in directly! You will spawn into the Reward Shop automatically.
2. Type /points in chat to see your points.
3. Use /buy commands on Reward Island to receive exclusive items.
4. Take saddles off tames before uploading to tek transmitter. Saddles will not be replaced if you forget.
5. Use the teleport pad to travel to the Water Shop to pick up water dinos. Swim OUT OF THE Vacuum Chamber a ways prior to /buying a water dino or they will poof disappear.
6. Do NOT clone our reward dinosaurs.
7. Dinosaurs are spawned in at level 618-1000, spayed/neutered, with boosted Health, Melee and Weight; and a primitive saddle where applicable.
7. You may gift points to another player with this command while both of you are on the Shop Island:    /trade <'CharacterName'> <amount>
8. Use the tek transmitters in the Reward Island Shop to return to your home map.
9. Our Shop commands were recently setup, so if you have any problems, please notify StarrDuskk and she'll fix it.
10. Current Donation packages are: $10.00 = 10000 points| $20.00 = 20000 + 5000 bonus points! | $50.00 = 50000 + 15000 bonus points!