Happy New Year! Clawsome with some of his favorite chibis. If you love pets and building, come join us!

3x Exp / 3x All Stats / 5x Harvest / 10x Tame / 15x Egg Hatch / 25x Baby Mature
  • PVE & PVP Maps on Same Cluster - PVP Ragnarok Outpost Raidable Bases!
  • Builders can try their hand at building Raid Bases without risking their main base.
  • Friendly, relaxed community.
  • Cross Ark & Discord Chat
  • In-Game Shop! Earn Points Playing!
  • Exclusive Rewards for our Donators! (1000 level dinos, ascendant armor.)

Website - Servers - Discord - Facebook!


  • Experience Multiplier - 3x
  • Per Level Stat Multipliers - 3x All
  • Harvest Amount Multiplier - 5x Plus
  • Taming Speed Multiplier - 10x
  • Mating Interval Multiplier - .25
  • Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier - 15x
  • Baby Mature Speed Multiplier - 25x
  • Egg Lay Interval - 0.5
  • Baby Cuddle Interval Multiplier. Use Nanny for 100% imprint. - 0.3x
  • Max Player Level - 135
  • Max Wild Dino Level - 300
  • Max Tamed Dinos out of Cryo - 150
  • Max Players in Tribe - 10
  • Alliances per Tribe - 1 PVP, 5 PVE
  • Unlmited Respecs/Mind Wipes - True
  • Ability to Earn All Engrams - True
  • Loot Drop Quality - 2

Mod List


  • Dino Colors
  • Shop - Earn Points. Buy items at our in-game store!
  • Lottery - Win 95% of all points in the pool!

Event Server

  • Spleef - Shoot the floors out under your competition with a demo gun.
  • Dragon's Descent - Using a repulser plate and parachute, be the first to land on the fire wyverns in the sky.
  • 13 Floors - Start at the top and race to the bottom through the holes in the floors. Can you find them?
  • Highlander - 3 sleeping bags. 3 deaths. There can be only one.
  • Fire Dodos - 100 Fire Arrows. Dodos. 3 minutes. What more can I say?
  • Mario Race - Obstacle Course race along the edge of a cliff with holes you can drop through the floors.
  • Buccaneer Battles - 6 Battleships. Tribes are assigned a ship with all gear provided. Last ship standing wins.
  • Death Match Arena - Last man standing wins! 10 weapon options.
  • Chutes & Ladders - Obstacle Course with tunnels, ladders, grappling hook, zip lines!
  • Death Drop - Collect 9 Artifacts and avoid dropping to your death!
  • Dodo Drop Egg Hunt - Collect as many eggs as you can in the allotted time.
  • Parkour & Parachute Drop Challenge - Parkour your way to the finish line with parachute drops along the way.
  • PVP Arena - Two teams battle to collect seven tokens, respawns allowed. First to capture all tokens wins.
  • Underwater Maze - Find scuba gear in the small maze, then make your way to the large maze to find the most artifacts in the allotted time.
  • Village Death Match - Caches of weapons, ammo, gear. Respawns. 15 minutes to kill and be killed. Player with most kills minus deaths wins.
  • Frog, Kangaroo, or Jeep Races - Collect tokens at checkpoints and be first 3 to arrive with all your tokens wins.
  • PVP Base Raid Event - Gear, Dinos, Supplies provided. Two tribes build a base in 30 minutes, then raid begins. Which tribe can get the others' token from their vault first.