Center Event Shop!

/tp spawn - to go to the Spawn Area.
This uses the Exclusive Reward Shop Database.
You will earn 30 points every 15 minutes when participating in events. Points share the same PVE Database.
On spawn in and death, you will get this kit: 1 Bag, Awesome Teleporter Remote, Suicide, Mindwipe
Other commands: /buy exp, /buy remote, /buy suicide, /buy mindwipe

/buy remote Awesome Remote 1 pts 1
/buy suicide Organic Polymer (1x) 1 pts 1
/buy mindwipe Mindwipe Tonic (1x) 1 pts 1
/buy dinoTracker Awesome DinoTracker (1x) 1 pts 1
/buy awesomeRemote Awesome Remote 1 pts 1
/buy awesomeTeleporter Awesome Teleporter (1x) 1 pts 1