TWO CLUSTERS! PVE Builders and Breeders Cluster!
PVPvE Builder Cluster - Super Boosted
  • Boosted Rates, Cross-Ark and Discord Chat
  • Point Shop, Dino Colors, Starter Kit, Lottery
  • Discord & Servers at
  • PVPvE Crystal Isles: Plugin prohibits abuse
  • PVE Cluster: Aberration, Center, Crystal Isles, Extinction, Genesis, Island, Ragnarok, Scorched, Valguero
Our Mods
  • StackMeMore
  • Super Structures
  • Utilities Plus
  • Speed Saddles
  • Awesome Spyglass
  • Awesome Teleporters
  • Bunnh's Natural Scenery
  • Castle, Keeps and Forts
  • Advanced Rafts
  • Dino Storage
  • Medieval Tavern
  • Pimp My Building Parts
  • Pimp My Home
  • Platforms Plus
PC, Unofficial, Family Friendly Community