Underwater Maze

Bonus Points Awarded

  • Between events, no punching or killing other players.
  • Setup for a 5 minute event should not last 30 minutes.
  • Instructions will be given, then you will have a set number of minutes to get ready.
  • If you are ready within that time limit, you get bonus points. And if you are not, you may not be able to participate in that event.
  • Once the timer goes off, we may start the event immediately, ready or not.
  • 100 Bonus Points will be awarded per event if you are ready.
  • /buy mindwipe and put points on Fortitude for weather. Med brew is in the vault.
  • Teleport to Maze Starting Point.
  • Start above water to pick up an awesome teleporter remote control and place sleeping bags.
  • Teleport to the under water maze starting point.
  • Collect scuba gear in the first maze.
  • Head to the large maze and collect as many artifacts as you can in the allotted time.
  • 6 minute timer.
  • When time is up, teleport to the above water Maze starting point. Those with the most artifacts will put them in a box to be counted.
  • Players with highest artifacts count win.
  • Take pictures.

StarrDuskk built this challenge.