PVPvE Cluster

PVPvE Main Base Builder Maps

Starter Kit x2

Lvl. 200 Breedable Argie, Speed Saddle, Pike, Metal Pickaxe, Hatchet, Bag, 50 Prime Jerky, Awesome Teleporter, Remote & Dino Tracker

Resource Maps - Do Not Build a Base Here.

These links are ONLY here in case you crash out and need to log back into the map. Don't learn all engrams or traveling via obelisk/tek transmitter may crash. Learn only what you need.

  • PVPvE Island Rewards - PVPvE Plugin. 10x Harvest. Do NOT Build here! Purged Daily!

  • Plugins: PVPvE, Donation & Event Participation Points Shop, Dino Colors, ArkHomes

    • Type: /tp spawn - to get to the SHOP area.
    • WARNING: The Shop on this map uses the Donation/Event Rewards Shop points.
    • If you earn points from events or from your donations, you pick them up on this PVPvE RewardIsland or the PVE Reward Island. Both share the same database points pool.
    • No In-Game points are earned on this map for kills and time played.
    • PVPvE Island Rewards Map will be for Resource Gathering, Boss Fights and Shop Rewards and will remain up 100% of the time.
    • You are NOT allowed to build or remain here however. Any base building could be purged.
    • This map DOES use the PVPvE Plugin and your settings on PVPPVECrystalIsles for pvp vs. pve will be on here as well.

Random Resource Maps - Do Not Build a Base Here. These popup at random throughout the week for a few days at a time.

Plugins: In-Game Shop, ShopRewards, Dino Colors
  • Can I build here?
    Main base, no. Outpost buildings, yes. You may build taming pens, bed boxes, etc., but do not build your main base here. These maps are only up temporarily to do Boss Fights and Gather Resources. Any base building on these maps could be lost after the map is taken down! However, we typically leave it alone for your training pens, etc.
  • My body got stuck there:
    These maps will be available on the cluster on designated days. If you lose your internet and the map gets taken down with your body on it, contact StarrDuskk and she will load up the map so you can log in directly and move to another map. This will be at her convenience, so don't leave your body online! We give plenty of opportunity to remove it.

PVPvE Rules for our Center Map

  • Caustic, Rude, Trollish behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Build your best base. Set up defenses. Change to /pvp and invite others to Raid you. But be a good sport and have fun! :)
  • All participating players must also change to /pvp to attack your base.
  • Perhaps setup some valuable loot in the base as a prize. Or just let them know it's to test your defenses.
  • Decide up front what the max level dino is that can be brought to the raid, considering you can purchase level 1200 dinos at the shop.
  • Some players will raid a base. C4 the Vault and return the items they don't want or need to the original tribe. Consider that. Makes for a nicer PVP experience.
  • Please don't be a jerk and foundation wipe. We're here for fun, not depression. Not going to make this a rule, because I don't want to have to babysit. Just be nice.
  • No building or attacking under the mesh--we use an Anti-Mesh plugin that will report cheaters.
  • No turrets or defenses around obelisks that would prohibit or injure other players from being able to use the obelisks.
  • If you dare: We encourage setting up your base and inviting other tribes out to raid you while everyone is in Discord Voice chat. If you want to make it an event, let me know and I'll announce it to @everyone!
  • After the raid use /pve to change back to PVE and rebuild.

PVPvE Rules

  • There is a 30 minute cool down to change from PVP back to PVE mode.
  • Three Awesome Teleporters are allowed per tribe. Abusers will be caught when I check the logs.
  • After 90-days of inactivity, a tribe will be made /pvp to allow other tribes to demolish it.
  • If you are the attacker in a raid, please do not turn off PVP mode until the other tribe has a chance to retaliate. Ask them, if they say they can't retaliate or won't, you may turn it off.

PVPvE Styles of Play

  • INVITATION PVP RAIDABLE BASES: Your tribe mate likes to build pretties. You want to test your base defenses. Build a raidable base area and a pretty area. Invite players to raid you at a specific time and turn on PVP then turn it off when the raid is over. Please make an agreement up front what the other person will get from the raid. You can ask them to stop at any point.
  • We have two Base Building maps: Crystal Isles and The Center. You may setup /pvp on one map for raidable bases and /pve on the other map for your nice base. Make sure that you provide goodies enough in your raidable base to make it worth the effort.
  • OPEN PVP: You like to raid and be raided all the time. Turn PVP on.