How to use the Obelisk

  • To take your dino with you, take everything off your dino. Saddle, food, items: remove them or you will lose them.
  • Select the Obelisk. Then select the CREATURES tab on the right. There is a list of your dinos. Select one, and then press the 'UPLOAD CREATURE" button.
  • You will be warned that your animal will be destroyed. No it won't. It will be uploaded. But its inventory will be lost. See Step 1. On Arkiteks, you have 24 hours to park your dino on the obelisk. After that, it will be destroyed.
  • Now select the "TRAVEL TO ANOTHER SERVER" button. Select the map you wish to move to. Once on the new map, you will need to create your tribe and invite your tribe mates again. Select the ARK DATA tab and drag your items there to save them if you wish. DO NOT USE THE SELECT ALL BUTTONS in your inventory. They won't be moved to the Ark Data tab, they will be moved to the Tribute tab instead. The Tribute tab is for boss fights. Find an obelisk or tek transmitter on the new map, select it, go to the CREATURES tab, it will show dinos you can download. Select them at the bottom, and select DOWNLOAD CREATURE. Put your saddle and food back on your dino.