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Setting Value
Experience Multiplier 3x
Per Level Stat Multipliers 3x All
Harvest Amount Multiplier 5x Plus
Taming Speed Multiplier 10x
Mating Interval Multiplier .25
Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier 15x
Baby Mature Speed Multiplier 25x
Egg Lay Interval 0.5
Baby Cuddle Interval Multiplier. Use Nanny for 100% imprint. 0.3x
Obelisk Upload Timer 4 hours
Max Player Level 135
Max Wild Dino Level 300
Max Tamed Dinos per Tribe
No kibble farms. Use cryopods to avoid lag. No off-line breeding.
Max Players in Tribe 10
Alliances per Tribe 1 PVP, 5 PVE
PVP Respawn Multiplier 2x
Turret Limit 200
Turret Range 6000
Dino Turret Damage Multiplier 2x
Friendly Fire Disabled True
Corpse Locator True
Unlmited Respecs/Mind Wipes True
Random Supply Crate Points True
Structure Placement Collision Disabled True
Ability to Earn All Engrams True
Longer Days True
Fog Disabled True
Spoiling Time 3x Slower
Loot Drop Quality 2