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Event Server

Event Description
Buccaneer Battles 6 Battleships. Tribes are assigned a ship with all gear provided. Last ship standing wins.
Parkour & Parachute Drop Challenge Parkour your way to the finish line with parachute drops along the way.
PVP Arena Two teams battle to collect seven tokens, respawns allowed. First to capture all tokens wins.
Underwater Maze Find scuba gear in the small maze, then make your way to the large maze to find the most artifacts in the allotted time.
Village Death Match Caches of weapons, ammo, gear. Respawns. 15 minutes to kill and be killed. Player with most kills minus deaths wins.
Frog, Kangaroo, or Jeep Races Collect tokens at checkpoints and be first 3 to arrive with all your tokens wins.
PVP Clubbing 10 minutes to club the most players and avoid being clubbed.
PVP Base Raid Event Gear, Dinos, Supplies provided. Two tribes build a base in 30 minutes, then raid begins. Which tribe can get the others' token from their vault first.
Pied Piper Tame Claim Hillside is covered with claimable dinos. Claim as many as you can in 10 minutes, on follow. Player with longest string of dinos wins.